Sulfur Silane Solid in Rubber and Type Dec 09, 2021

In the rubber industry, in order to improve the performance of composite materials, it is usually necessary to fill a large amount of inorganic fillers for reinforcement. Carbon black and silica are commonly used reinforcing agents. Among them, silica has the advantages of small particle size and large specific surface area.

It has advantages over carbon black in terms of reducing tire rolling resistance and improving wet skid resistance. However, silica also has some shortcomings: First of all, silica and rubber have chemical properties.

The main advantages of solid sulfur-containing silane coupling agents are:
Solid products are more convenient to weigh and feed; when dispersed in carbon black particles, it can effectively prevent the silane coupling agent from hydrolyzing and self-condensing in the early stage of banburying, which is conducive to the uniform dispersion of the silane coupling agent;
It can be put into the internal mixer at one time without slow feeding.

Product Type
English Name
Properties and Application
50% activity predispersion polymermaster batch
Corsile®69 as Tera-Sulfide slilane forms covalent bonds between rubber and fillers.Increase physical preparer and optimized dynamic properties. Reducing rubber viscosity, etc. Corsile®69S and Corsile®69C can offer good dispersion and easy-weighting, good processability.
50% Liquid Corsile-69 with 50% Carbon Black N330
50% Liquid Corsile-75 with 50% Carbon Black
Corsile®75C has a low active disulfide functional group More considerable scorch safety than Corsile®69. Same properties with Corsile®69 in the rubber compound. Corsile®75C, easy weight and better processing sameproperties with Silane DS75.

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