• A Thanksgiving Reflection: Gratitude and Celebration

    Nov / 22, 2023

    A Thanksgiving Reflection: Gratitude and Celebration
    As Thanksgiving approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the meaningful connections and partnerships that have enriched our lives. This year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been instrumental in our journey. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and express gratitude for the unwavering support, trust, and commitment we have received from our valued partners. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our collaboration and the countless successes that lie ahead in our shared future. ECOPOWER takes this opportunity to sincerely wish you and your family a joyous holiday season. May this Thanksgiving be filled with warmth, love, and moments of shared happiness. As the Thanksgiving season unfolds, it prompts us to pause and contemplate the blessings that surround us. In this spirit, we express deep gratitude to the pillars of our journey. Our amazing clients, with their unwavering support and trust, shine like guiding stars in our professional landscape. To our inspiring boss, whose leadership motivates and encourages us to reach new heights, we extend our sincere appreciation. The journey wouldn't be the same without the support of our colleagues—individuals who work side by side, contributing their unique skills and perspectives to our collective success. Together, we form a supportive network that fosters growth and achievement. Last but certainly not least, our heartfelt thanks go out to our loving families. They provide the foundation for our endeavors, offering understanding, encouragement, and a sense of belonging that makes the journey worthwhile. This Thanksgiving, let us come together in the spirit of gratitude, celebrating the bonds that make our professional and personal lives fulfilling. May the holiday season bring joy, reflection, and the warmth of shared moments with those we hold dear. Happy Thanksgiving!
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  • National Day Holiday Notice - September 29th to October 8th, 2023

    Sep / 28, 2023

    National Day Holiday Notice - September 29th to October 8th, 2023
    Dear Customers,   Greetings!   The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays are approaching. In accordance with the notification from the State Council's General Office regarding the holiday schedule for the year 2023, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day coincide, resulting in an extended 8-day holiday period.   Holiday Schedule: The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays will be observed from September 29th to October 6th, 2023, spanning 8 days. We will resume work on October 7th (Saturday) and October 8th (Sunday).   If you plan to travel during this holiday period, please stay updated on weather conditions and prioritize safety. We wish everyone a joyful holiday and happiness with your loved ones.   We would like to express our gratitude for your continuous support of ECOPOWER. If you have any inquiries or requests, please feel free to leave us a message, and we will respond promptly.   Best regards, ECOPOWER
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  • Unforgettable Yunnan Adventure: 5-Day Getaway with ECOPOWER Team

    Aug / 24, 2023

    Unforgettable Yunnan Adventure: 5-Day Getaway with ECOPOWER Team
    Our long-awaited trip to Yunnan has finally taken place! From August 15th to August 19th, a total of five days, the company showed its appreciation for the employees by taking everyone on a trip to Yunnan. Our slogan was "No work on workdays, just play." In addition to our employees, family members were also included in the trip. As in previous years, the company covered all expenses. This has become a tradition for ECOPOWER kids to reunite during the summer vacation. Day 1 We gathered at Baiyun Airport, took a Southern Airlines flight, and arrived in Kunming. After checking in at Dianchi Lake, we departed for Chuxiong. There, we experienced the local Torch Festival, gathering around bonfires, singing, and dancing. Day 2 Our itinerary took us to Santorini, where we enjoyed a boat trip to Jinsha Island. In the evening, we arrived in Dali and savored the delicious mushroom hotpot together. Day 3 We explored Dali Ancient Town and the famous horse-drawn carriages, taking a trip through the Erhai Lake Ecological Corridor. Then, we moved on to Lijiang, where we tried local specialties like cured ribs and black goat. We also had some free time to explore, and some of us formed teams to experience the atmosphere of Lijiang Ancient Town. Day 4 The pristine charm of Shuhe Ancient Town captivated us. In the afternoon, we were fortunate to visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang. Luckily, everyone had the chance to take the cable car to different altitudes, and the remaining time was spent exploring the beautiful Blue Moon Valley. Day 5 We had free time to visit the attractions in Lijiang or simply relax at the hotel. In the afternoon, we flew back to Guangzhou, concluding our 5-day, 4-night Yunnan adventure. We're grateful for the fantastic benefits provided by the company, allowing us to take a break from our busy work and lives. The wonderful experiences and memories from this journey will become new highlights for ECOPOWER. They will undoubtedly strengthen our unity and collaboration, inspiring us to work even harder to achieve outstanding results. We hope that the blessings we bring back from the snow-capped mountains will drive our business to new heights! Thank you for a fantastic journey and unforgettable memories!
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  • Building a Learning Organization - Business and Management Team Maze Training

    Jul / 04, 2023

    Building a Learning Organization - Business and Management Team Maze Training
    To further enhance the drive, team alignment, execution capability, and performance completion rate of the business and management teams, the company organized the "Business and Management Team Maze Training" from June 30th to July 2nd. The trainers were from a well-known training company in the industry, including Coach Wen Songbin, Coach Zhang Quan, Teacher Luo Xuemei, and Teacher Zeng Nan. A total of 15 members from the business and management teams participated in the training, with Danny as an observer throughout.   On the afternoon of June 30th, Coach Wen and the team arrived at the company on time. They started with a brief warm-up session in the company's conference room and then moved to the terrace on the 25th floor for the training game segment. The game simulated the company's project operations, dividing the participants into two groups representing Company A and Company B, acting as competitors. Both companies entered a completely unknown field, with the winning company receiving a 2 million RMB reward. The game had time limits and penalties for rule violations. The specific operational management and marketing plans were entirely unknown, requiring the two teams to explore on their own. The training adopted an immersive and interactive teaching approach, allowing the business and management teams to personally experience the market competition and harsh realities faced by companies in talent allocation, goal setting, division of labor, organizational planning, and financial management. Through the game experience and post-training debriefing by Coach Wen, the 15 participants, based on their specific roles and individual circumstances, made their own reflections and conclusions.   The employees actively participated in the training and engaged in enthusiastic debriefing sessions. Danny's reward was promptly granted. On July 3rd, Danny treated all employees to an afternoon tea, concluding the training on a satisfactory note. It is hoped that the participants will carry their gains from this training into their future work and achieve even better results. Ecopower is a specialized chemical additive manufacturing and research company with a focus on silane coupling agents and oligomers, precipitated silica, hydrocarbon resin, gum rosin and rosin derivative resin, and CSM rubber. They prioritize quality, timely delivery, and customer growth.  Ecopower is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise that specializes in producing, researching, and selling specialty chemical additives. Their products, including silane coupling agents and oligomers, precipitated silica, hydrocarbon resin, gum rosin and rosin derivative resin, and CSM rubber, are widely used in various industries. The company's business principles include quality-oriented manufacturing, timely delivery, and growing alongside customers. 
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  • Holiday Notice: Dragon Boat Festival from June 22nd to June 24th

    Jun / 21, 2023

    Holiday Notice: Dragon Boat Festival from June 22nd to June 24th
    Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Arrangements   Dear colleagues,   With the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, we would like to inform you about the holiday arrangements as follows:   We will have a 3-day holiday break from June 22nd to June 24th. Normal working hours will resume on June 25th (Sunday).   Before the holiday, we kindly request all colleagues to make necessary arrangements for their work. Please ensure that all equipment, including power sources, are switched off to maintain facility safety and promote energy conservation.   While enjoying the holiday, we urge everyone to prioritize personal safety. Stay vigilant during your travels and keep your mobile phones accessible for seamless communication.   Lastly, we extend our warmest wishes to you for a joyful Dragon Boat Festival, filled with good health and happiness. May our work continue to prosper!
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  • Versatile Applications of C5 Resin and Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin

    May / 26, 2023

    Versatile Applications of C5 Resin and Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin
    What are the properties of C5 resin? Introduction: C5 resin and aliphatic hydrocarbon resin are two versatile materials widely used in various industries. Their unique properties make them valuable additives in adhesives, coatings, rubber compounding, printing inks, and more. Let's explore the properties and applications of these resins in detail. Properties of C5 Resin: C5 resin, also known as C5 Petroleum Resin, is derived from the polymerization of the C5 fraction obtained during petroleum cracking. This resin exhibits excellent solubility in organic solvents. It is a pale yellow to light amber solid with a low melting point. The key properties of C5 resin include: What is aliphatic hydrocarbon resin used for?  Aliphatic hydrocarbon resin shares similar applications with C5 resin. Some of its prominent uses include: Adhesives: Aliphatic hydrocarbon resin acts as a tackifier in adhesives, improving their adhesion properties. It enhances tack, peel, and cohesion, ensuring strong and reliable bonds. Coatings: In coatings, aliphatic hydrocarbon resin serves as a film-forming agent and viscosity modifier. It enhances flow, leveling, gloss, and adhesion properties, resulting in high-quality coatings. Printing Inks: Aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is employed in printing inks as a binder or viscosity modifier. It contributes to the film-forming capabilities and rheological properties of the ink, ensuring smooth and vibrant prints. Rubber Compounding: Aliphatic hydrocarbon resin enhances tackiness, viscosity, and adhesion in rubber compounding. It improves the performance and processability of rubber products. Wide Range of Applications: Aliphatic hydrocarbon resin finds use in sealants, road marking paints, construction chemicals, and various industrial coatings. Its exceptional adhesion, cohesion, and compatibility properties make it a valuable ingredient in diverse applications. More information in Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resin C5 Manufacturer  
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  • Optimized Holiday Notice for Labor Day

    Apr / 28, 2023

    Optimized Holiday Notice for Labor Day
    Optimized Holiday Notice for Labor Day Dear valued customers, Labor Day is approaching, and we would like to inform you that our company, Ecopower New Materials, will be closed from April 29th to May 3rd, 2023, for a five-day break. We will resume our regular working schedule on May 4th. During this holiday period, our customer service will not be available, but you can leave a message for us, and we will get back to you as soon as we return. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, research and development, and sales of specialty chemical additives, which are recognized by the state, we take pride in providing top-quality products and services. Our range of products includes silane coupling agents and oligomers, precipitated silica, hydrocarbon resins, rosin and rosin derivatives resins, CSM rubber, and are widely used in various industries. At Ecopower New Materials, we are committed to quality-oriented manufacturing, timely delivery, and growing together with our customers. We wish you all a happy holiday!
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    Jan / 13, 2023

    Dear Customer,   Please be informed that the company will be closed from January 13th to January 27th during the New Year's Day holiday in 2023. Normal business will resume on January 28. Any orders placed during the holiday period will be produced by January 13th. To avoid any unnecessary delays, please place your order in advance. Some of us decided to stick to our posts. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and support. We wish you a very Happy New Year! We would like to express our heartiest thanks for your great support and cooperation in the past year. Wishing you a prosperous year in 2023!
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  • Welcome 2023 - ECOPOWER

    Dec / 30, 2022

    Welcome 2023 - ECOPOWER
    On the occasion of the coming New Year, I would like to extend New Year greetings and best wishes to all the friends at home and abroad who care about and support the development of our company.   The year 2022 has passed, thanks to the past year, the leadership of the company and the joint efforts of all staff! We look back on 2022 with joy and pride. 2022 is an extraordinary year.   This year, the new headquarters building of the bank was completed and put into operation, marking that the bank has entered a new development period. Our factory has also carried out new decoration and investment, the new factory and warehouse let our products do better and better. The joint efforts of all staff have also improved the company's business.   Thank you for your long-term support to Ecopower new materials. I wish you a happy New Year, a smooth work, good health, a happy family and all the best!   Looking ahead to 2023, we will face new opportunities and greater challenges. I hope you will continue to work hard, innovate, keep pace with The Times, and write a new chapter with a new attitude and pace!
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