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Guangzhou Ecopower New Material Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacturing, research and development, and sales of specialty chemical additive products, including the following:
(1) Silane coupling agents and Silane Oligomers
(2) Precipitated Silica
(3) Petroleum hydrocarbon resin C5&C9, Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon resin
(4) Gum Rosin and Rosin Derivative Resin
(5) CSM rubber, and more.

Our factory has been recognized as a "High-tech enterprise" by the local government. Ecopower owns multiple professional product lines and offers expert technical solutions to our customers. Our products find wide applications in industries such as rubber tires, paints and coatings, road marking paints, silicone sealants, adhesives, and more.

At Ecopower, we prioritize "Quality-oriented, Timely Delivery, and Growing with Customers" as our core business principles. We are committed to serving our customers with a positive attitude, practicality, and a strong sense of teamwork.

Ecopower strictly adheres to the quality control systems of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Furthermore, we have obtained SGS-certified IAFT 16949. Our products are certified with REACH, K-REACH, and have successfully passed ROHS and PAHs testing conducted by third-party entities. In our dedication to strengthening our new research and development projects, Ecopower holds numerous patents of invention and collaborates with renowned colleges and universities.

With extensive exports worldwide, Ecopower has earned a stellar reputation among our customers. Going forward, we will continuously optimize our processes, reduce costs, and expand our supply chain to create greater value for our customers. We are committed to shouldering more social responsibility and developing environmentally-friendly technologies. Ecopower is devoted to being your trusted long-term partner.





                     Main Product List

                                      Silane coupling agent and Silane Oligomers (Crosile 69,75,189,1891, Crosile 171, 151,172….......)
                                       Precipitated silica (White carbon, Silicon dioxide silica, Matting agent)
                                       Petroleum hydrocarbon resins (C5, C9, C5&C9 resin, Coumarone indene resin, Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin C5,C9)
                                      Gum Rosin and Rosin Ester Derivatives (Gum rosin WW, Pentaerythritol ester, Rosin glycerol ester, Maleic acid rosin resin.......)
                                       CSM rubber(Hypalon rubber, Chlorodulfonated polyethylene rubber)





The industries applied in tyre,rubber goods,rubber shoe soles, Silicone Sealants,Hot Melt adhesive, PU adhesive, Road marking paint, Coating, paint, ink, feed additives, personal care etc.






ECOPOWER has strategic alliances with famous technical institutes;

Own many patents to enhance the R&D technical strengths and to optimize the manufacturing process as well;

Regarding environmental protection, it is a self-disciplined petrochemical company with a high sense of social responsibility.



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