About Sulfur Silane Liquid in ECOPOWER Dec 02, 2021
Through long-term research and development, Ecopower has taken the lead in developing a new generation of special sulfur-containing silane products with independent intellectual property rights. Its process and product performance are better than domestic enterprise standards, and it has been supplied to the world's top ten well-known tire companies for a long time.
The penetration rate of green tires has gradually increased, driving the demand for Sulfur Silanes Liquid.

Sulfur-containing silanes are widely used in green tires, which can reduce tire rolling resistance and improve tire's wet skid resistance, thereby making it more energy-saving and safer.

Catalog of ECOPOWER Sulfur Silanes Liquid:

Product Type
English Name
Properties and application
Bis[3-(triethoxysily)propy] tetrasulfide
Corsile®69 as Tera-Sulfide slilane forms covalent bonds between rubber and fillers.Increase physical preparer and optimized dynamic properties. Reducing rubber viscosity, etc.TS69B and TS69C can offer good dispersion and easy-weighting, good processability
50% activity predispersion polymermaster batch
50% Liquid Corsile®69 with 50% Carbon Black N330
Corsile®75(Si 75)
Corsile®75 has a low active disulfide functional group More considerable scorch safety than TS69. Same properties with TS69 in the rubber compound. DS75C, easy weight and better processing sameproperties with Silane Corsile®75
50% Liquid Corsile®75 with 50% Carbon Black
Corsile®966 3-Octanoylthiopropyltriethoxysilane
Corsile®966 is a functional silane that has been shown to enable reduced rolling resistance while maintaining wet traction. This advanced silane offers tire manufacturers increased overall production efficiency
3- Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilan
14814-096 Corsile®1891 can markedly improve tensile strength, tearing strength and abrasive resistance and reduce compression set of vulcanizates. It can reduce the viscosity and improve the processability of rubbet
3- Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilan
Corsile®189 Has special effect on the metal surface rust inhibitor. With its thiol functional group, it can strengthen the surface corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance and increase the adhesion with resin, when face gold, silver and copper surface processing In rubber industry, it’s been used in dispose inorganic filler such as white carbon black, carbon black, glass fiber, mica, which can enhance rubber mechanical property and abrasion resistance.

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