ECOPOWER C5 Aliphatic Resin Used for Various Industrial Purposes Dec 20, 2021

Hydrocarbon Resin C5 is a solid or highly viscous substance with hydrophobic properties. The resin can be derived from plants or synthetic sources;

The former is secreted by plants and is usually transparent yellow to brown, while the latter is a by-product of hydrocarbons, usually a mixture of organic compounds that can be converted into polymers. Their industrial uses are extensive and well developed. 

Generally, they are used to produce plastics and varnishes and varnishes. They are mainly divided into two categories: thermoplastic resins, which can be reshaped once they are melted; and thermosetting resins, which become insoluble and infusible after heating. 

A low color, aromatic modified C5 hydrocarbon resin is disclosed. The resin is mainly aromatic modified piperylene resin. The resin can be used as a tackifier in hot melt adhesives and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives. 

C5 aliphatic resins can be modified and used in various industrial applications. 

It has a viscosity-increasing effect, and is suitable for areas that require viscosity-increasing, such as paints, inks, adhesives, and rubber. The product is derived from the high-temperature cracking of petroleum fractions.

Afterwards, the product is distilled from pyrolysis gasoline during the production of benzene. 

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C5 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resin
Base Polymer
Main Content
Product Recommended
Masking/Packaging Tape NR SIS SBS HC5100
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive NR SIS SBS HC5100, HC5090
HMA EVA HC5100, HC5090
Bookbinding HMA EVA HC5100
Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint FILLERS HC52100, HC52100A
Sealants BUTYL RUBBER HC52100, HC5100
Rubber Compounding NR BR SBR DCPD, HC5100, HC52100


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