ECOPOWER Hydrogenated Modified C5 Petroleum Resin Oct 28, 2021

Hydrogenation modification mainly includes three methods: slurry, fixed, and spray, one-stage or two-stage hydrogenation process can be used. The hydrogenation process is to mix resin and solvent, and then pass hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst after heating. The hydrogen from the hydrogenation reactor can be passed into the reactor together with fresh hydrogen to achieve the purpose of recycling. The reaction product gas extracts the solvent, and after cooling, it becomes the hydrogenated petroleum resin.

Hydrogenated resins are mainly used for hot solvents, especially transparent hot solvent, it can increase the adhesion and reduce the cost. In the market, petroleum resin is developing in the direction of high value-added products, and its added value mainly lies in its deodorizing effect and its heat resistance. The high-quality petroleum resin on the international market has a chromaticity of less than 3# and a softening point above 100°C. Hydrogenated petroleum resin technology is generally used, and the application field is continuously expanding.

In the adhesive industry, ECOPOWER's Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin HY5100 has outstanding achievements. This not only reduces the production cost, but also significantly improves the chromaticity, compatibility and aging resistance of the adhesive. C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin is used to produce adhesives for disposable paper diapers and special sanitary napkins.

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China Best Odorless Hydrogenated C5 Water White Resin HY5100 For PSA Adhesives | ECOPOWER

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