Electricity Shortage in China: Energy Conservation Oct 11, 2021

The background of the Electricity shortage as below:

1. According to the latest China Electricity Council data, electricity consumption during the first seven months of this year soared by 15.6 percent year-on-year to 4.7 trillion kilowatt-hours.

With the pricing of electricity strictly controlled by the government,which is calculating the economic effects of the inevitable rise in electricity price, the thermal power plants, which have long survived on meager profits, are reluctant to run full steam ahead, as the more power they generate the more losses they will have to sustain.

2. China's pledge to achieve carbon neutrality only 30 years after peaking carbon dioxide emissions. It needs to reduce its carbon emissions, especially for large amounts of energy-consuming industries, such as electrolytic aluminum and polysilicon had to reduce their capacity now. Small scale factories will close.

The supply chain will face some shortage of the raw material and limited supply in China. It will make all of the cost at high level. It will last till Q1 2022 and most of cities faced such problem.

ECOPOWRE, our factory will also actively cooperate with the requirements of the country while ensuring stable supply, saving energy and reducing emissions, saving electricity and saving resources.

Electricity shortage in China:Energy conservation

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