Sea Freight Will Go Up! One More Time! Nov 26, 2021
Recently, several ports in Southeast Asia have experienced port congestion in succession:

The congestion rate of PortKlang in Malaysia is 14.5% higher than normal;
The congestion rate of Tanjung Pelepas port (Tanjung Pelepas) was 29.9% higher than usual;
Jakarta's container hub Tanjung Priok (Tanjung Priok) was 6.7% higher than normal;
Manila's congestion rate also increased by 6.5%.

Moreover, the ship schedule is chaotic and the shipping company has no reason to postpone it.
According to people familiar with the matter, because the boats are bidding for routes and won the bids for the Philippines and Japan routes, the Singapore and Malaysia routes have to be transferred from the Philippines and Japan routes at a high price. This kind of turmoil directly leads to the price of Southeast Asia routes. Biaosheng, repeating the situation of the European and American routes last year.
Due to the shortage of ships, all freight forwarders announced emergency price increases, with an average increase of 100 yuan per cubic meter. Previously, the seller's cost has nearly doubled due to the increase in the price of raw materials. The impact of this new round of logistics price increases on sellers in Southeast Asia is self-evident.

A freight forwarder urges shippers to ship as soon as possible: Southeast Asia has recently burst into price increases, and today’s high prices are tomorrow’s low prices!
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