Sharing Makes People Progress-Enterprise Exchange Meeting Dec 16, 2022

On December 15, 2022, the "2022 Specialty Chemicals and New Materials Enterprise Exchange Conference" sponsored by Guangzhou Ecopower New Materials Co., Ltd. was held in Jiangxi, the company.


The theme of this meeting is "Challenges and Opportunities Facing the New Chemical Materials Industry in a Complicated Environment".


In this context, the theme of this chemical industry conference is "promoting integration, stabilizing development, and innovation", focusing on the main line of "promoting the integration of industry and finance and helping the stable development of the chemical industry", focusing on the supply and demand pattern in the new stage. All participating companies Experts conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on topics such as changes in the business climate of new chemicals and materials, the impact of import and export control policies on the industry, and the profound impact of the epidemic on the supply chain.


Invite industry experts to introduce DCE's new models and strategies for on-site and off-site tools for the chemical industry, promote new concepts and new cases of using derivatives to manage price risks, invite delivery warehouses, off-site members, and industry-finance cultivation bases, etc. Industrial enterprises "show their own experience", share successful experience in risk management, and effectively help entity enterprises solve practical problems encountered in production, operation and risk management.

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