Research and development


ECOPOWER insists that consistent quality and professional services are essential factors for long term Business relationship.
Thus we established strict and complete quality control system.
Besides physical & chemical properties tests, the organic synthesis research group 
explores new synthesis processes and products with a view toward improving ECOPOWER existing range of materials The aim it to establish underlying expertise for new fields of technology while simultaneously securing our business divisions' current fields of work.




Research and development


ECOPOWER emphasizes the importance of consistent quality and professional services as key factors for fostering long-term business relationships. To uphold these principles, we have established a stringent and comprehensive quality control system. In addition to conducting physical and chemical properties tests, our organic synthesis research group actively explores novel synthesis processes and products. This endeavor aims to enhance ECOPOWER's existing range of materials and establish a foundation of expertise in emerging technological fields, all while ensuring the continued success of our current business divisions.

At ECOPOWER, we value collaboration and have forged strategic alliances with renowned technical institutes. Through these partnerships, we have acquired numerous patents, strengthening our research and development capabilities and optimizing our manufacturing processes. Furthermore, we prioritize environmental protection and operate as a self-disciplined petrochemical company with a profound sense of social responsibility. We diligently adhere to government-mandated environmental protection requirements and actively contribute to green initiatives, prioritizing the well-being of the environment, health, safety, and fulfilling our own social responsibilities.

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