How to Make Hot Melt Adhesive with C5 Petroleum Resin - ECOPOWER Mar 09, 2023

In Polyolefin Film, BOPP, PP, PE Film

20-30% SIS+30-60% hydrogenated resin C5 HY-5100 +Liquid elastomer.

This recipe of adhesive has strong yellowing resistance, and can improve the deformation resistance of polyolefin films.


In Book Binding Adhesive, Woodworking Adhesive, Sealant, Sanitary Product Sanitary Glue

20% EVA/SBS/SEBS/SIS+c5 c9 hydrocarbon resin HC-52110 + elasticizer + antiaging agent + wax


In Tapes and Labels

40% c5 hydrocarbon resin HY-5100 +20% SBS+35% elasticizer +5% antiaging agent/antioxidant agent.


High Temperature Resistant HMPSA

12% NR+ 12% SBS +22% hydrocarbon resin HC51100 petroleum resin+20% terpene resin +10% Alkyl phenolic resin + 14% naphthenic oil +3% rubber accelerators + 2% antiaging agent.


HMPSA for High Speed Automatic Labeling

45% c5 petroleum resin HC-5100 + 40% SIS + 10% naphthenic oil +2-5% calcium carbonate +1-3% PE wax +1% antiaging agent. This adhesive has advantage of environmental protection and low cost.

At the same time, it has high initial tack and persistent tack, and has excellent die-cutting performance.


In Plaster

30-70 copies of SIS+ 20-70 copies of hydrogen resin C5 HC-5090+ 40-80 copies of elasticizer +1-5 copies of antiaging agent.

The HMPSA is transparent, compliant, does not cause skin allergies, is environmentally friendly, and has a good anti-aging/oxidative degradation effect; the transdermal ointment prepared by this method has a large drug loading capacity and strong drug efficacy.



Adding C5 petroleum resin to the pressure-sensitive adhesive can improve the adhesion, acid resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance of the adhesive, and can greatly reduce the production cost.

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