Building a Learning Organization - Business and Management Team Maze Training Jul 04, 2023

To further enhance the drive, team alignment, execution capability, and performance completion rate of the business and management teams, the company organized the "Business and Management Team Maze Training" from June 30th to July 2nd. The trainers were from a well-known training company in the industry, including Coach Wen Songbin, Coach Zhang Quan, Teacher Luo Xuemei, and Teacher Zeng Nan. A total of 15 members from the business and management teams participated in the training, with Danny as an observer throughout.


On the afternoon of June 30th, Coach Wen and the team arrived at the company on time. They started with a brief warm-up session in the company's conference room and then moved to the terrace on the 25th floor for the training game segment. The game simulated the company's project operations, dividing the participants into two groups representing Company A and Company B, acting as competitors. Both companies entered a completely unknown field, with the winning company receiving a 2 million RMB reward. The game had time limits and penalties for rule violations. The specific operational management and marketing plans were entirely unknown, requiring the two teams to explore on their own.

The training adopted an immersive and interactive teaching approach, allowing the business and management teams to personally experience the market competition and harsh realities faced by companies in talent allocation, goal setting, division of labor, organizational planning, and financial management. Through the game experience and post-training debriefing by Coach Wen, the 15 participants, based on their specific roles and individual circumstances, made their own reflections and conclusions.


The employees actively participated in the training and engaged in enthusiastic debriefing sessions. Danny's reward was promptly granted. On July 3rd, Danny treated all employees to an afternoon tea, concluding the training on a satisfactory note. It is hoped that the participants will carry their gains from this training into their future work and achieve even better results.

Ecopower is a specialized chemical additive manufacturing and research company with a focus on silane coupling agents and oligomers, precipitated silica, hydrocarbon resin, gum rosin and rosin derivative resin, and CSM rubber. They prioritize quality, timely delivery, and customer growth. 

Ecopower is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise that specializes in producing, researching, and selling specialty chemical additives. Their products, including silane coupling agents and oligomers, precipitated silica, hydrocarbon resin, gum rosin and rosin derivative resin, and CSM rubber, are widely used in various industries. The company's business principles include quality-oriented manufacturing, timely delivery, and growing alongside customers. 

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