Aqueous 3-aminopropylsilane Hydrolysate Crosile Hydro 8150

Crosile hydro 8150 is Aqueous 3-aminopropylsilane hydrolysate

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    Crosile hydro 8150
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    Aqueous 3-aminopropylsilane hydrolysate
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Aqueous 3-aminopropylsilane Hydrolysate Crosile hydro 8150


Chemical Properties

Crosile hydro 8150 is Aqueous 3-aminopropylsilane hydrolysate. It is a colorless to slightly yellowish aqueous solution with an amine-like odor, miscible, with alcohols or water contains about 40% active silane content in water.. 



Test Item Target Value Range 
Appearance Colorless to slightly yellowish transparent liquid 
Density (20℃、g/cm3) 1.08-1.12
Viscosity (25℃、mpa.s) 3-7
Flash point (℃) >95℃
pH Value 10-12



Applied in suitable inorganic substrates are glass, glass fibres,glass wool, mineral wool, silicic acid, quartz, sand, cristobalite, wollastonite and mica; also suitable are aluminium trihydroxide,kaolin, talc, other silicate fillers, metal oxides and metals.

Examples of particularly suitable polymers are epoxy resins, polyurethanes, phenolic resins, furane resins, melamine resins, PA, PBT, PC, EVA, PP, PVAC, acrylates and silicone. Improvement in product properties, such as mechanical properties, for example flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength and modulus of elasticity moisture and corrosion resistance improvement in processing properties, such as adhesion, better filler dispersion, high flash point.


Use advice

It is a bifunctional organic compound in which the functional silanol groups can be bonded to an inorganic substrate; the organophilic amino group can interact with a suitable polymer.  

The particular advantage is its non flammability, the fact that no volatile organic constituents are released and the fact that no particular equipment safety precautions are necessary. 

The hydrolysates are long-term stable.   

Aqueous 3-aminopropylsilane Hydrolysate Crosile hydro 8150



25 kg /drum, it loads 16 MT/ 20 FCL with pallet



Kept in a low temperature, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.


Shelf life:

One year in ventilating, cool and dry area.


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