Aminofunctional Oligomeric Siloxane Crosile Hydro 8152

Crosile hydro 8152 is an organosilicon compound aminofunctional oligomeric siloxane based on water as the solvent and contains no volatile organic constituents.

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    Crosile hydro 8152
  • Chemical Name:

    Aminofunctional Oligomeric Siloxane
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Aminofunctional Oligomeric Siloxane Crosile Hydro 8152


Chemical Properties

Crosile hydro 8150 is Aqueous 3-aminopropylsilane hydrolysate. It is a colorless to slightly yellowish aqueous solution with an amine-like odor, miscible, with alcohols or water contains about 40% active silane content in water.. 



Test Item Target Value Range 
Appearance Colorless to slightly yellowish transparent liquid 
Density (20℃、g/cm3) 1.08-1.12
Viscosity (25℃、mpa.s) 3-7
Flash point (℃) >95℃
pH Value 10-12



Surface treatment of minerals

Glass fibre reinforcement

Priming of glass and metal

Surface modifier for organic materials

Additive for water-borne polymer systems

Aminofunctional Oligomeric Siloxane Crosile Hydro 8152



25 kg /drum, it loads 16 MT/ 20 FCL with pallet



Kept in a low temperature, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.


Shelf life:

One year in ventilating, cool and dry area.


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