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Precipitated silica


Precipitated silica CAS number 
This consortium for REACH registration covers exclusively the fllowing substances:
●Silica (EINECS # 231-545-4)
i. Silica, amorphous, pyrogenic, crystalline-free (CAS#:7631-86-9, 112945-52-5) manufactured by high temperature
hydrolysis of halogenated silanes or silicon organic compounds.
Ii. Silica gel and precipitated silica, crystalline-free (CAS#: 7631-86-9, 112926-00-8), manutactured by precipitation of a
Sodium Water Glass solution with Acid or a Base .
iii. Colloidal Silica (CAS#: 7631-86-9, 112926-00-8) No other type of silica performed by different process is supported by the JointSubmission For REACH Consortium.

l. Silicic acid, sodium- aluminium salt amorphous (EINECS # 215 684-8, CAS# 1344-00-9), manutactured by precipitation
of a Sodium Water Glass solution with aluminium sulphate
iv. Silicic acid, calcium salt amorphous (EiINECS # 215-710-8. CAS#: 1344 -95-2), manufactured by precipitation of a
Sodium Water Glass with Calcium Chloride.

History of precipitated silica 
In the long ago ,people us carbon black as the raw materials into the tyre .
but the carbon black made it black and contaimed the environment ,day after day ,the people replace it by other products ,such as precipitated silica .so now people also call precipitated silica as white carbon black.
At the beginning ,there is only powder from ,and then ,there is granular and micro pearl etc .
Granular form is easy to weigh and decrease the dust in the air .

precipitated silica normally added into rubber ,tyre,roller ,rubber belt etc .
people require it more accurate during production ,so we made more kinds of silica to meet different requiement .
Some can improve the dispersion ,and easily despersed .
In fact ,for ink ,there are some matting agent can improve related properties ,good matting.
we also can supply feed animal addtitives silicon dioxide for poultry to make fodder as anti caking agent feed additive or carrier.
It also as one materials to make Feed Preservatives antiseptic substance.

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