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What is the difference in the white carbon black silica content required for different materials


What is the difference in the carbon black content required for different materials


Today ECOPOWER will take you to understand the white carbon in daily life, I hope to help you.


1. In silicone rubber, white carbon black will react in silicone rubber. For ordinary silicone rubber, it needs to be ordinary and ultra-fine. For high-quality silicone rubber, low iron (iron is higher than the product color yellow) , Redness) products. Low iron products with high oil absorption value and large specific surface area are the best choice, it can better react with silicone rubber raw materials.


2. For plastics and plastic products, products that require large specific surface area and high oil absorption value need to be modified, so that the resulting products are wear-resistant, aging-resistant, transparent, and maintain the original color of the pigment.


3. For hard rubber pads, white carbon black requires low surface area and low oil absorption value.


4. For toothpaste friction agents, ultra-fine products with low specific surface and low oil absorption value are needed; for toothpaste thickeners, high specific surface and high oil absorption value are required. Some people take the intermediate product of the two as a mixed additive, which is not desirable.


5. For water-absorbent silica, such as diapers, high oil absorption products are needed, which can better absorb urine and replace water-absorbent resin. When in use, the air in the white carbon black gas powder should be evacuated to compress the volume.

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