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Hot Melt Adhesives application


Hot melt adhesives are solid materials that melt at relatively low temperature (above 80°C degree  ) during the application or molding process. Once cooled, the materials become solid again, ensuring cohesion.

Hot Melt Adhesives can be applied in various marktet fields:

 **book binding graphic arts include Hardcover and Softcover Books
you can use Rosin Pentaerythritol Ester   P100 with light white color or light yellow color to make it .
** Electronics PCB
    ---we recommend gum rosin resin.
**food and beverage package
  ---we recommend food grade gum rosin to make it .
**Furniture and Building Components
    ---we recommend gum rosin resin or hydrogenated resin DCPD 
** medical industry rubber-based hotmelts like Bondi
    ---we recommend natural gum rosin

**Reliable hygiene products that meet the demands of sight, smell, touch, and sound

   ---we recommend gum rosin resin or hydrogenated resin DCPD with light color

Hope you can use our product to make better products.

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