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Tire factories start to re-open


There is some good news from many tire companies from all over the world  .
More and more Tire factories will plan to start to re-open
 Bridgestone is opening its truck tire fatories in North America
Cooper is opening its factory in Mexic
Michelin is opening its four plants in Spain.
Michelin is opening its steelcord plant in  Italy
Michelin continued operations at its tire plants in Carsillel
Bridgestone said it Would re-open its steelcord plant in Europe
Goodyear is re-starting tire production at four plants across Europe 

Apllo-Vredestein is re-starting car tire production in Enschede factory

Pakistan's tire makers demand exemption from lock-down
India permit some regions to re- open soon

Sumitomo has re -opened its plants in Japan , after a weekend shut-down

Toyo has also re-opened its plant next week

JK Tyre said it is considering closing it factories in Mexico 

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