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Rubber Expo 2019 Elastomer in USA


Rubber Expo 2019 in USA
Attend:Ecopower New Material Co.,ltd
You are welcome to our Booth :1045. 
Time: 8 9 10 Oct 2019

Organized by the American chemical society Rubber Division ACS, the exhibition is held annually, with exhibitors from all over the world, mainly exhibiting new technologies, new products, new materials, new equipment and some new developments in the Rubber industry.After decades of development, American rubber exhibition has become a world-renowned professional rubber technology exhibition, with an average of more than 7000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries every year, and nearly 300 enterprises from rubber machinery, rubber additives, rubber raw materials, rubber products, rubber and plastic products, equipment services and media, etc.With the growth of exhibition scale, its industry influence is also expanding.The organizer promises to provide exhibitors with the following platforms to attract exhibitors and visitors from home and abroad:
introducing new products, projects and production lines;
 the seminar held at the same time is also a gathering of various professionals in the industry, and will attract the active participation of technicians and marketing personnel from major rubber and tire enterprises around the world.

Exhibits products:

Rubber machinery and equipment: complete sets of equipment, single machine, mould and technology for rubber products manufacturing and testing;

Rubber raw materials: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, skeleton material, thermoplastic elastomer, recycled rubber, mixing body;

Rubber auxiliaries: all kinds of rubber auxiliaries, carbon black, filler, etc.Tires and related accessories;

Non-tire rubber products: rubber pipes, rubber tapes, rubber products for automobiles, rubber products for construction machinery;Injection and extrusion machines, accessories, tools, molding machines, production equipment, test instruments, biological materials, etc.

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