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New Functional Organosilanes


Our Crosile-966 silane is better to equivalent silane in viscoelasticity, wet slip resistance, abrasion resistance, hardness, resilience, Mooney viscosity and tear strength. But Crosile-966’s viscosity is lower than others, the heat resistance is higher 0.8 ℃, the scorch time is shorter but vulcanization time is the same, the tensile strength is lower,and elongation at break is higher. Overall, the performance of these two products are almost the same, and our product has a slight edge over many tests.


1)Reduced rolling resistance

Incorporating Crosile-966 silanes into the tire tread can lead to greatly improved rolling resistance ratings. As a result, tires can use less energy and fuel to function, without compromising safety.

2)Desirable testing results

Crosile-966 silanes offer design possibilities by helping you to achieve the following effects in rubber compounds:
Improved Payne Effect
• Increased resilience
• Lower Tan δ values (50 °C to 60 °C)
• Better dynamic properties at low temperatures (-20 °C to +10 °C)

3)Better wet traction

Crosile-966 silanes enable the reduced rolling resistance needed for fuel efficiency while maintaining wet traction.

4)More efficient manufacturing

Not only do Silane Crosile-966 enable better tire performance, they can help accelerate manufacturing. Despite high-silica loading formulas, these advanced silanes promote better dispersion. And, a reduced compound viscosity is possible for easier processing, mixing, milling and extrusion

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