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RubberTech China 2017


        The 17th International Exhibition of Rubber Technology (RubberTech China 2017) and the concurrent International Exhibition on Tire and Aftermarket 2017 (Tire + Expo), the International Exhibition on Rubber Products, and the 14th International Exhibition on Rubber Recycling and Tire Retreading which concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, on September 22, 2017, were a resounding success, with over 700 exhibitors, 25,388 visitors and an exhibiting area of 50,500 sqm.
       The exhibitors from 30 countries and regions brought their latest products and technology of rubber and tyre industry including NR, SR, rubber compound, rubber products, rubber chemicals, framework materials, rubber machinery, elastomers, carbon black, reclaimed rubber, auto parts and garage facility.
       RubberTech China attracted world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber machinery, rubber chemicals, rubber raw materials, rubber products etc.
The exhibits were grouped under various product categories such as auto parts, tire recycling, non-tire rubber products, rubber machinery, rubber chemicals, raw materials, framework materials, elastomers, carbon black, and automated programming.
       The big names in the industry represented at the show included
Rubber machinery: HF, VMI, Mesnac, Mitsubishi, Troester, Safe-run, Dalian Rubber & Plastic Machinery, Cimcorp, Double Star, Comerio Ercole, Herbert, Zeppelin, Tianjin Saixiang Technology, Rodolfo Comerio;
       Rubber chemicals: Repsol, OCSiAl, SI Group, Arkema, Rhein, ATMAN Chemical, Sinorgchem, Sun-Sine Chemical, Yanggu Huatai Chemical, Red Avenue, Kemai Chemical, Willing New Materials, Shuguang Chemical, Stair Chemical;Black Cat Carbon Black, Yongdong Chemistry, Best Chemical, Baohua Carbon Black, Sanqiang Carbon Black, Nicest Carbon Black, Jinneng Science and Technology and Quechen Silica;
      Rubber and framework materials: Arlanxeo, Versalis, SIBUR, Sumika, China Hainan Rubber Industry Group, Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals, Cenway Polymer, Kraiburg, PHP fibers, Xingda Steel Cord;
      Automation and testing equipment: Rockwell, Siemens, Keyence, Greatoo, MonTech, Micro-Poise, Erhardt Leimer
     Many companies showcased their innovative products and new technological developments at the expo. ARLANXEO, the world-leading synthetic rubber company, presented key products of its comprehensive portfolio, including new grades such as Keltan 5467C and Buna FX, demonstrating the company’s leading technological developments and excellent product quality in the synthetic rubber industry. Says Ma Junhua, CEO of CURC: “Riding on the experience of more than 20 years of industry exploration and the success on the organization of Asian Essen Tire Show (Reifen China) and the International Exhibition on Rubber Technology (RubberTech China), CURC has partnered with CRIA to bring to participants an ideal event for business
opportunities and information exchange. Tire+ maximizes the possibilities for brand promotion through our show platform and takes advantage of the cross-industry attendees.”
Tire+ Expo
      With more than 20 years of industry exploration, China United Rubber Corporation is partnering with China Rubber Industry Association for the first time to bring participants a high-end and premier tire exhibition, TIRE+ EXPO 2017. The exhibition features “the strength of Chinese brands”. It receives supports from leading Chinese tire brands including Zhongce Rubber, Linglong Tire, Sailun Jinyu Group, Double Star, Aeolus Tire, Triangle Tire, Prinx Chengshan, Guizhou Tire, Wanli Tire, Jiangsu General Science, Sentury Tire, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum, Shandong Fengyuan, Double Coin, Wanda Boto, Shandong Yinbao and Marcher Rubber. More than 20 media channels including CCTV and other dominant news media will be invited to the show and TIRE+ will make maximum exposure through focus report and live broadcast. Moreover, professional forums focusing on tire distribution channels and capital managements and multiple meetings are arranged between automobile enterprises excellent tire manufacturers and distributors.
      Also, an inclusive interview on topics of How does Overseas Consumers Recognize the Chinese Tires; How did Chinese Tire Brands Win Over Japanese Market by D1 GRAND PRIX; How does National and International R&D teams Work together after Acquisition; What is the New Trend for Tire Brand Promotion; What are the updates for Marketable Smart Tires; What is the Current Situation of Chinese Truck Tires, Engineering Tires and Commercial Tires respectively all provided better understanding of the overall image of China’s tire market. Moreover, Chris Anthony, Chief Editor of Tyres and Accessories accepted an exclusive interview on how do Europeans know about Chinese tires and how do European Customers Evaluate Chinese Tires. He also shared information on the different management between Chinese and UK tire manufacturers.
      The inaugural Tire+ expo made its debut with an opening parade of the CEOs of the top 12 Chinese tire manufacturers. The only CRIA-supported tire and aftermarket show in China to date, Tire + was attended by outstanding enterprises with global influence in the tire and after-market industries.
     Commenting on the inaugural Tire+, Xu Wenying, General Secretary of CRIA, says: “CRIA is appealing to foster a closer relationship between the tyre and after-market industry while connecting and strengthening businesses and recognition of the Chinese national tyre brands. Excellent national enterprises have social responsibility as well as strengths for the rise and booming of the tire industry and that is why we set up an organizing committee for Tire+ so as to facilitate a healthy ecosystem within the tyre industry.”

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