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Coumarone-indene Resin C90 (Ethylene tar)

brand: Ecopower

model: C90

use: rubber,waterproof coiled material,low-end painting



Coumarone-indene Resin C90 (Ethylene tar)
Cumarona Indeno
 resinas is brown to dark brown granule.
It is a polymer of low molecular weight which mainly uses C9 fraction and ethylene tar as raw materials, and is generated by polymerization reaction.
It has good solubility,mutual solubility,water resistance,insulation ,chemical stability of the pH,also has good adhesion properties, and low thermal conductivity.

Test Item   Specification Range
Appearance Brown to dark brown granule
Softening Point (oC)

90-100 / 100 - 110 / 110-120

Solubility in Benzene ( 1 : 1 )   Clear


Coumarone-indene Resin C90 (Ethylene tar)
1. Deep color resin is commonly used as rubber softener, rubber additive, and is mainly used for making types, rubber tubes, covey belt, triangle belt and rubber shoes.  

2. It may improve rubber process capability, intensify physical property of rubber, improve the intensity, elasticity and antioxidant of manufacture. 
3. It also can be used as waterproof of polyurethane and antisepsis dope. 

Packaging And Storage

1. Packing: 25kg in PE bag or Paper bag. 
2. Storage: Kept in a low temperature, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight. 
3. Shelf life: One year in ventilating, cool and dry area. 

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