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brand: Ecopower

model: Crosile-69

use: rubber, fillers etc.



Product Name : Bis [3-(triethoxysilyl) propyl] Tetrasulfide Silane Coupling Agent

Synonyms : bis(triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfide; bis(triethoxysililpropyl)tetrasulfane3-triethoxy-silylpropyl-tetrasulfane
Formula : (C2H5O)3Si(CH2)3-S4-(CH2)3Si(OC2H5)3

CAS No. : 40372-72-3

EINECS No. : 254-896-5


Test Item Target Values(Spec.Limits)
Sulfur Content 22% ± 1%
The average sulfur chain length 3.75±0.15
Other impurity content ≤1.0%
Alcohol content ≤0.5%
*γ2 Content ≤3.0%
Specific Gravity (25℃,g/cm3) 1.080 ± 0.020
Refractive Index (25℃) 1.480 ± 0.020
Viscosity 25℃ ≤14(cps)
S2 content 17±3%
S3 content 30±4%
S4 content 24±3%
S5 - S8 content 27±3%
Chlorine Content ≤0.6%
Weight Loss Rate(105℃) ≤2.0%
Resiue On Ignition(800±25℃) 11.3±1.0%


1. Crosile-69 is a kind of multifunctional silane coupling agent that has been used successfully in the rubber industry. It is used to improve physical and mechanical properties of vulcanizates.
2. It is able to markedly improve tensile strength, tearing strength and abrasive resistance and reduce compression set of vulcanizates. In addition, it can reduce the viscosity and improve the processability of rubber products.
3. Crosile-69 is especially suitable to improve the reinforcing properties of fillers that contain hydroxyl groups in all unsaturated polymers having double bonds or their blends. Silica, talc powder, mica powder and clay can be used in combination with Crosile-69 in polymers such as NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR and EPDM.
Recommend dosage 1.0-4.0 

Packaging And Storage

1. Package:25kg or 200kg, 1000 kg in plastic drum.
2. Storage: Kept in a low temperature, dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.
3. Shelf life: Two years in ventilating, cool and dry area.

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