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Resin for Hot Melt Road-Marking

brand: Ecopower

model: R-95 ,R-100 ,R-105

use: thermoplastic road marking paint

Capacity:12,000 MT/year


Hot melting road-marking resin is produced with gum rosin and other raw materials by our special for mulation and proceeding, which is specially used for road-marking paints. To make white or yellow hot-melt traffic paint.


It dissolves in aromatic, aliphatic, ester, and keto solvent. It can mix and melt with petroleum resin and EVA for producing road-marker paint.


Test item R-95
R-100 R-105
Color,(Gardner Grade) 2 - 4
2 - 4 2 - 4
Softening Point( Ring & Ball ) ℃ 93-97 97-103 103 - 107
Acid Value ( mgKOH / g ) .Max 20
20 20
Solubility in Benzene (1 : 1) Clear
Clear Clear


Specially used as the link of traffic marking painting,which have good resistance to crushing, abrasion and smudge, appropriate leveling and fast drying. They also have good resistance to yellowing and ageing. It is suitable for all kinds of bitumen road surface and cement road surface.

Beside with light color and moderate softening point, the resin is also improved the composition of light stability agent, effective actualization for light screen, UV absorption, obtaining of free radical, decomposition of hydroxide extinguishments and the quenching of active oxide.

Packaging And Storage

1. Packing: 25kg/Kraft paper bag.
2. Storage: keep in dry and cool place; avoid fire.
3. Shelf life: one year.

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