Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

  • Responsibility Management
    Establish a sound organizational framework and management team, lead, supervise and promote social responsibility, work together with all stakeholders to promote corporate social responsibility and promote sustainable development.
  • Law-abiding Compliance
    Strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, will comply with the operation, discipline and law-abiding as the premise of enterprise development, to build a perfect "Zero Dishonesty (ZD)" system, with a zero tolerance attitude to deal with violations of rules and regulations seriously, to fully protect the sustainability of enterprise development.
  • Customer Responsibility
    Intentionally to create high-quality products for customers, provide complete solutions and convenient and timely comprehensive services to meet the diversified needs of customers, beyond customer expectations.
  • Employee Responsibility
    The people-oriented concept of diversified employment is committed to providing employees with a safe, harmonious and open working environment, constantly improving the incentive mechanism for talent promotion, smoothing communication channels, paying attention to the work and life of employees, caring for the physical and mental health of employees, and striving to create an international development platform for employees and enterprises to grow together.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    Green and harmonious is the eternal theme of the earth, and environmental protection and energy conservation are Canon's consistent commitment. Canon has always been strict with high standards, product design, production, sales, recycling and reuse as well as business operations in all aspects of the integration of green energy conservation and environmental protection concept, as far as possible to reduce the impact on the environment, to achieve a harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.

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