Ecopower Products

  • Silane Coupling Agent

    sulfur silane ,mercapto Silane other functional group silane 
    Mercapto ,monomer ,Amino,epoxy,acry based ,vinyl   
  • Precipitated Silica

    White Carbon black :Highly despersible,Easily dispersible, Silicon rubber silica
    matting agent silica,feed additives .
  • Petroluem Hydrocarbon Resin C5 and C9

    copolymer resin ,DCPD resin ,
    water white resin
    hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin ,
    coumarone resin C90
  • Gum Rosin & Rosin Derivate

    rosin pentaerythiritol ester,
    maleic acid rosin,colophony
    glycerol ester rosin ,marking line paint,disproportionated rosin,

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  • 30000m2 Storage Area

Guangzhou Ecopower New Material Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Ecopower New Materials Co., Ltd is a high-tech oriented company having own factories and production lines; Ecopower has been specializing in manufacturing and distributing chemical additive products of sulfur silane-coupling agent, vinyl silane coupling agent,alkly silane coupling agent , precipitated silica,petroleum hydrocarbon resins, rosin resins and CSM rubber etc , which are widely used in rubber tire, footwear, printing ink, painting, coatings and adhesives industries, etc. 

As an innovative chemical raw material supplier, we not only provide products to customers, but also render technical advice and solutions and processing service.
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Why Choose Ecopower?

  • A specialist supplier of high quality performance chemical additives to the rubber, paint, tyre etc
  • Global supplier of quality & innovative products
  • We aim to provide intelligent product solutions, tailor-made to individual customer requirements
  • Supplying overseas markets directly from factory
  • Exporting to over 40 countries worldwide
  • Strong logistics management system
  • REACH IAFT 16949 Certified & REACH Scientific Management

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Guangzhou Ecopower New Material CO., Ltd

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